Value Engineering & Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Led by our very own Certified Value Specialist (CVS) and supported by an assembled team of registered Architects and Engineers that is based on each project’s unique needs, Downey & Scott routinely provides formal Value Engineering (Value Analysis, Value Management) Studies, presentations, and final reports on various types of construction.

Based on owners’ needs, as well as time and budget constraints, our firm offers flexible Value Engineering (VE) Study options in the form of five (5) day, four (4) day, or three (3) day workshops. The key to a successful Value Engineering Study is to follow the Six-Step Value Engineering Job Plan as promulgated by SAVE International.  This plan is rigorous but has been proven in hundreds of thousands of studies to be extremely effective.  

Downey & Scott offers Life Cycle Cost Analysis as a complement to our Value Engineering process and a stand-alone service. Our experts provide an in-depth and accurate alternative comparison for project materials and equipment that details the necessity of replacement, return-on-investment, product cost, and breakeven point, to name a few. 

SWaM: Small, Women and Minority-Owned ASPE ASHRAE CMAA CSI: Building Knowledge. Improving Project Delivery SAVE: Adding Value. Enhancing Ideas.