Rappahannock River Heritage Trail & VCR Trail

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Project Name: Rappahannock River Heritage Trail & VCR Trail
Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Owner: City of Fredericksburg
Designer: William H. Gordon & Associates
Project Budget: $1,566,000 & $3,038,000
Brief Description:

Downey & Scott provided Construction Project Management Services on two seperate trail projects, which included a range of pre thru post construction services for both the Rappahannock River Heritage Trail Project and the Virginia Central Railway (VCR) Trail project. 

The Rappahannock River Heritage Trail enables citizens to walk and ride at their own pace along the side of the beautiful Rappahannock River.  It includes 1.6 miles of asphalt trail, a steel bridge, boardwalk, signage, earthwork, utilities, and landscaping.  The Rappahannock River Heritage Trail connects the ends of the established and popular Canal Trail in Fredericksburg, and also links Old Mill Park to the City’s trail system.  

Virginia Central Railway Trail is built upon an old historic rail road bed. This ten (10) feet wide and approximately 2.7 mile long asphalt trail begins at a train station and deadends short of I-95.  

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