Utility Coordination Services

Downey & Scott offers a full array of dry utility services customized to fit your particular project needs.  Services include:

  • Coordination of the dry utility routes with the various utility providers, power, telephone, TV, internet, and natural gas, to ensure timely delivery of these services is an essential piece to the success of any project.  The coordination process can be extremely frustrating and slow.  We strive to assist in cutting through the red tape and promptly provide each utility with all of the information they need to minimize the lead times for the completion of their designs. We intervene to ensure adequate space for each utility to install, operate, and maintain their facilities safely.  We also review each utility’s service feeds to ensure that they are accurate and comply with their respective tariffs on file with the State Corporation Commission (SCC).
  • More and more projects are required to have conduit systems installed due to their density and lack of green space.  If there are no joint use agreements among the utility providers, it may make sense to hire a private multi-party contractor to install the duct system.   Not only are we able to provide the detailed drawings necessary to build the conduit system, but we can manage the bid solicitation project on your behalf.  Our senior utility specialist has extensive experience with many of the major dry utility contractors that operate in our area.   
  • We also routinely provide construction management services for the dry utility site installation process.  Our expertise includes scheduling and managing site utility contractor(s) to ensure that the power, telephone, TV, and natural gas are installed timely and efficiently.  Due to our knowledge of each company’s operational and maintenance requirements, we can avoid conflicts with other site improvements, thus eliminating expensive relocations at a later date.  This also ensures that a project flows smoothly, thereby avoiding potentially costly project delays.  

We offer customized individual services in any combination that makes sense for your project.  We are client-centric in all that we do. Our goal is to reduce risk and take the worry out of the dry utility coordination, planning, and installation processes, thereby enabling you to focus on what you do best -- developing and building your project.  When added to our other core services, our dry utility coordination package enables us to provide a more comprehensive offering of construction services.  We look forward to discussing how we can best partner with you in constructing your next world-class project.

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